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Leaders in the Construction Industry

By February 2, 2020No Comments

The Colvin approach–always “do it right the first time”–starts with our founder, Mike Colvin, and is instilled in every employee at every level of the company down from the top. This makes our commitment to lead the industry in quality and reliability more than just a nice idea; it is necessary for us to continue to develop as a team.

For over twenty years, we have had the opportunity to provide our clients with top-tier service at an affordable rate. Our long-held belief in teamwork, consistency, and, above all else, professionalism has given us a head-start over many of the other firms popping up in the Las Vegas area. Furthermore, we know we have an obligation to represent not only our own business but the entire construction industry every time we set to work on a new project. The management and staff at Colvin Construction work constantly to take the charge in making construction a better, modernized business for employees and clients alike, as well as creating and helping to further relationships among industry leaders. It is this depth of experience and active participation in the industry that gives us the ability to put forth our best work on every job. We are privileged to be a part of one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., and we are always proud to serve the Las Vegas community.

This week marks the start of a new year that is sure to be full of all kinds of possibilities for the construction industry. If you are thinking about taking that next step in 2019 and starting a career in construction, contact us at (702) 478-8100 or send us a message directly through our site. We look forward to meeting you!