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A Career in the Las Vegas Construction Industry

By February 2, 2020No Comments

This winter has seen the Las Vegas construction industry continue to expand at a remarkable pace, as new multi-billion-dollar undertakings and residential projects alike seem to be commissioned practically every week. Nevada’s construction industry ranked #2 among all U.S. states for year-over-year job growth, adding 11,000 new jobs from January 2018 to January 2019. To accommodate this economic surge, we are looking to expand our team with men and women who can bring the dedication our clients expect and help make Colvin Construction an even better business.

For over twenty years, Colvin Construction has been delivering quality craftsmanship and dependable service to clients throughout southern Nevada. Our dedication to always getting the job done “right the first time” has allowed us to become a fixture in the Las Vegas area and is held by every member of our team, from our management to our office staff to our onsite crews. Communication and teamwork are essential to the success of any construction firm, so everyone at Colvin makes up a crucial part of our business and contributes to helping us put forth the highest-caliber work and precision on every project.

Being one of Nevada’s top concrete contractors takes having one of the top teams in the business. Our staff is committed to safety and efficiency in every step of the process, bringing an unparalleled level of service to our clients. We pride ourselves on working alongside people who share our belief in quick, quality service at an affordable rate, and we have been able to put that belief into practice every day since 1998. At Colvin, we know the only way to treat our clients like family is to treat our staff like family, and we have been privileged to employ men and women who always strive to improve themselves and our business.

Spring is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to join one of Nevada’s (and the nation’s) fastest-growing industries. Start your career in construction today by becoming a part of the Colvin Construction team. Call us at (702) 478-8100 for more information or apply online now.